Friday, August 5, 2016

Dental Implants

Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants
If you're looking for a virtually painless way to restore your smile, consider dental implants. Dental implants are titanium rods placed in the mouth to support a crown. Implants are very successful and last forever with proper care. They offer many more advantages. Dr. Richard Reiss is a Sunrise dentist who can determine if dental implants are right for you.

Why Choose Dental Implants?
Dental implants are a reliable form of cosmetic dentistry. They have a great track record and are very durable. Still not convinced? Here are some more benefits to consider:
  • They're natural-looking. Dental implants look and feel like real teeth.
  • You can live your life. You no longer have to worry about dentures that fall out or impede your speech. With dental implants, you can talk clearly and laugh without your dentures falling out. Your smile will look real, so you won't be embarrassed to go out in public. You'll feel more self-confident.
  • Preserve natural bone. When teeth fall out, your jawbone suffers from bone loss and deterioration. When you have dental implants put in, you preserve the bone and prevent loss.
  • Eat your favorite foods. Dental implants function like real teeth, so you can eat what you want without worrying about food getting caught in your dentures.
  • No cavities. It's not a real tooth, so it can't grow cavities. While this makes it easier to care for, you still need regular dental checkups.
Ready for a Smile Upgrade?
Dr. Richard Reiss has been serving the Sunrise area for nearly 30 years. He can give you a gorgeous smile through dental implants. Give him a call at (954) 389-9600 or visit us at